WHat our clients are saying

"I have studied and Vince for about five years and can honestly say that he is the first guitar teacher that has truly taken my playing to the next level. Vince's emphasis on playing time, knowledge of the fret board and music theory has broadened the scope and range of my playing. In terms of music, Vince's broad knowledge of the American song book and the focus he brings to this particular genre of music proved to be a great medium from which to improve upon both lead guitar and rhythmic accompaniment on guitar playing across all genres of music. Perhaps more importantly, Vince's teaching method and approach are inspiring and fund. The discipline of playing in time/learning basic theory is presented in a very practical way that over time naturally becomes a part of ones playing. Perhaps that is why Vince has so many loyal students that continued to study with him in and year out." --- Leo Greco

"It seems that every time we play together, the musical barre is always at a higher level and it's great to get that same feedback from the audience. They always dig it. I also don't get a chance to play with many people who are so well versed with the Great American Songbook. Who else do I know that knows so much about Johny Hartmann. The vocal number are always a plus. Great job". - Joe McWilliams

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